Jorg creates Visuals for fashion, lifestyle and corporate clients. Photography is his way to tell a story


Film is the future, it's everywhere. Get everybody into the right mood and feel the emotions through film

Brand Identity

No business could exist without a proper brand identity. During the creative process we will guard your brand identity


Teamwork is what makes the dream work. I love to work with inspiring and creative people who want to reach for the best.

About Jorg_

Jorg Rozier is a creative mind in a visual industry. Through his career Jorg worked with the best people in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Working as a photographer & cinematographer for international fashion brands and magazines as Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Schon Magazine etc, Jorg travels the world to make his stories. Besides working in the fashion and lifestyle scene, Jorg founded the companies, and Jim Roses to bring his creativity to the corporate world.

Gigabytes footage

What do I want to acomplish with my work? + -

The word respect comes from the Latin verb “respicere” which basically means: Observe and acknowledge its existence. This is what thrives me, to make my work better with every shot I make. Not for me as a person, but I hope people see my work and want to have a closer look, because they love what they see.

Photography or Cinematography? + -

For me photography and cinematography are two words that have the same meaning. Ok… the format and media types are different, but they both have the objective to bring a short moment into a timeless piece of existence. I like to work with both photography and film. Together they will bring a complete story to life.

Studio or Location? + -

It’s all about mood. What I like in a studio, is that it’s all very focussed. Besides having full control of the light, it’s more about the model or the clothing. But it doesn’t bring too much context for a story. Outside we travel to the most beautiful places in the world to amaze the people and ourselves…. Respicere

Entrepreneurship and creativity + -

Creatives are mostly seen as individuals who are good at one thing they do. I personally believe one is capable of doing more than one thing. There are many businesses I feel myself comfortable with. But all of them are related to creativity.

How we work_


Pre Production

Before the shoot we will start with pre-production. We will think about: casting, location, moodboards, finance and planning.



When prepared, we will start to produce our shoot. Depending on the concept we will travel to the best location to make it happen.


Post Production

The shoot is done, let's get this magic happening. In post we will manage retouching and editing. We will make sure your media are safe and suitable for all media types.


Get in

I am always open for new collaborations and love to work with inspiring people. Drop me a line and I would be happy to help.


My favourite locations

The perfect shoot has a perfect location. Through the years I have seen the most beautiful places and would love to share it with you.


See us behind
the scenes

Always wondered what I do? Take a look behind the scenes here and get inspired.


Studio life

We always shoot in the best studios. Especially in the Netherlands I found my playground. The studio is called Studio34X in Almere.


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